ANTENA NET proslavila 10. rođendan

ANTENA NET DOO from Teslic, BiH, recently celebrated ten years anniversary of successful business.

In the premises of the "Rođo" motel in Teslic, about a hundred of business partners gathered together, as well as relatives and friends to celebrate the success of this company, which today is one of the leading companies in the eastern part of Europe in the domain of LED screens.

For ten years, this company has provided a work place for 13 workers. What makes them most proud is that they have installed over 100 LED screens.

The target group and the market are in Europe, where they are most widespread with the sale of their products and servicing services.


To clarify, if you need an advertising display that you want to set up outside or need an indoor advertising screen, their team will come to You with the best possible solution, providing technical support at the highest possible level.

The main advantages of their LED screens are extremely simple installation on any surface and easy maintenance. They are completely protected from all weather conditions. The perfect balance between affordable price and highest quality will enable quick return of invested money and a long service life of purchased equipment. The money invested in the LED screen, as a rule, returns very quickly and sets the visual experience to a much higher level.

They are here to provide complete logistic from the conceptual solution, making a static project and construction for putting into operation the system, using the turnkey system.

LED screens represent the future of advertising, so contact ANTENA NET from Teslic now. For further information call 065 / 960-510.

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